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We know growers like you are never satisfied. Crop Nutrition Week is your chance to gain valuable, actionable insights that lay the groundwork for a prosperous growing season. Find out what’s possible for your operation’s potential, and have some fun doing it!

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Celebrate Growth.

Come together for an agronomic experience.

Crop Nutrition Week is a chance to celebrate growth. It is an annual event that brings people together in the pursuit of learning not only the in’s and out’s of crop nutrition and nutrient management, but also why they’re important. It is also a chance to collaborate on how crop nutrition can pencil out for your operation and how to strategize your fertilizer needs. See what you have to gain during this year’s Crop Nutrition Week, and have some fun while doing it!

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Crop Nutrition Week Topics

corn tissue sampling


Decisions Grounded in Data

Effective fertilizer and nutrient management programs start with having the right information at your fingertips. During the first day of Crop Nutrition Week 2024, our experts share knowledge on how you can make decisions grounded in agronomic data.

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Turning Setbacks Into Comebacks

Join us for a panel discussion where crop nutrition experts share some of the most common spending mistakes they’ve seen growers make – and even a few of their own. Learn how integrating data into your planning from day one can help avoid costly errors while balancing expenses and returns.

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Data That Works for You

There is much to learn from the success of fellow growers. But no plan is one size fits all. During today’s panel discussion, agronomy experts share their wins along with ways to assess whether they’ll work for your own operation.

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The Other Primary Nutrients


The Other Primary Nutrients: S and Ca

N-P-K have been our go-to primary nutrients for years. As we continue to push yields higher, N-P-K will only get us so far. That’s why we’re drawing more attention to other nutrients like sulfur and calcium. During today’s panel discussion, agronomy experts show you how to integrate these “other primary nutrients” more precisely as a part of your nutrient management plan.

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corn roots


Applied Data, Applied Wisdom

It’s never too early to start planning and applying insights like the ones shared during Crop Nutrition Week 2024. We’ll give you steps to create a data-driven budget that sets you up for success come planting time.

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Crop Nutrition Knowledge Isn’t the Only Prize

Participants have a chance at one of our three exclusive prize packs. Opt into opportunities for BIG winnings during registration.

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Want more information about how to maximize your operation’s potential? Take an in-depth look at the nutrients that may make a difference in your crop.


Apps For Your Tool Kit

Ag PhD Fertilizer Removal App

The Ag PhD Fertilizer Removal by Crop app is a great reference for you as you plan fertilizer applications on your farm.

Ag PhD Deficiencies App

The Ag PhD Crop Nutrient Deficiencies app helps growers determine fertility issues in their fields.